The Ahu O Laka - Kaneohe Bay Sand Bar, is one of the exposed features (islets) in Kaneohe Bay amongst others such as the Mokoli’i (Chinaman’s Hat) and Moku o Lo’e (Coconut Island),  It is the only one of its kind in the state. 


The sandbar submerges into hip-deep water during high tide, and emerges as a nice sandy beach during low tide.   This Sandbar is a gathering place for local recreational boaters to BBQ, snorkel and just relax in the clear cool waters of the Pacific Ocean.  Captain Bob’s Picnic Sail has an exclusive location of the sandbar by carrying the only commercial permit to this area so our guests can have an uncrowded area to themselves.   Our first stop is the sandbar where you can play a game of water volleyball, have a relaxing swim, take a walk on this natural wonder, or simply relax on board taking in the beautiful views and the Hawaiian sun while enjoying a BBQ lunch.   


This is a must see for locals and visitors.  The calm surrounding clear water, protected by the Kaneohe Bay barrier reef, teeming with beautiful sea life, unobstructed view to the majestic Ko’olau Mountain are something that you should not miss! 




  • Largest sheltered body of water in the main Hawaiian Islands

  • About 8 miles long, 2.7 miles wide with 40 feet maximum depth.

  • Location of Jurassic Park filming.

  • In August 2010, "Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides" was filmed on the bay.



  • At low tide, much of the sand is exposed.  

  • At high tide, the water is waist deep.

  • There are many photos of the sandbar, but many have not visited as it is not as easy to get to unless you have a water vessel.

  • The most popular location to visit on Kaneohe Bay.



  • The 28-acre island is used for the University of Hawaii Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology as its Research facility.

  • Coconut Island was used for the opening sequence of the television program Gilligan's Island

  • Known also as Moku O Loe.


  • Known also as Mokoli'i, translates to "little lizard".

  • A 12.5 acre basalt islet off of Kualoa Point

  • The common name of Chinamans Hat derives from its likeness to the Asian conical hat. 



  •  Name given to the dormant fragmented remnant of the windward shield volcano.

  • The highest elevation exceeded 9,800 feet today, the summit of the tallest peak, Puʻu Konahuanui is only 3,100 feet.



  • Natural habitat for the green sea turtles

  • Coral reefs are the world’s most productive marine ecosystems

  • It is unlawful to break or take coral so please do not step on any coral reefs.  

  • The coral reef is a living thing.

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